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    problem with HandleSessionEventL in 3rd fp2 and 5th edition


    I've application to listenning inbox folder. I'm testing it with incomming mms, on N95 (3rd edition, FP1) and 5800 express music (5th edition).
    On 3rd edition it works fine, on 5th edition i've some crash
    What I've found:
    1) arg2 in MMsvSessionObserver::HandleSessionEventL(), which is folder id, is KMsvGlobalInBoxIndexEntryId (0x1002) on 3rd edition. but on 5th folder id is 0x100002
    2) order of events on 3rd and 5th edition.
    3rd edition:
    EMsvEntriesCreated, EMsvEntriesChanged, EMsvEntriesDeleted, EMsvEntriesCreated, EMsvEntriesChanged (x5 times), EMsvEntriesCreated, EMsvEntriesChanged (at this momment message is analyzed), EMsvEntriesChanged , EMsvEntriesDeleted
    5th edition:\
    EMsvEntriesCreated - crash, device is restarted when HandleSessionEventL() is finished. Nothing happens, not analyzing of message (because of another folder id), just enter to HandleSesssionEventL() and exit (with log folder id).

    If I change id of observed folder to 0x100002 then events order is:
    EMsvEntriesChanged, EMsvEntriesChanged, EMsvEntriesChanged (no analyzing, because message id is empty, no event EMsvEntriesCreated before), EMsvEntriesCreated (but now folder id is 0x1002, so the correct one), EMsvEntriesChanged, EMsvEntriesChanged, EMsvEntriesDeleted and crash.

    Did anybody tried listenning inbox folder on 5th edition device?

    Ok, I've retested it on 3 platforms - 3rd fp1, fp2 and 5th edition. Both - emulator and devices.
    1) 3rd FP1 - works fine on emulator and device, mesasge appears in inbox, HandleSessionEventL() reports folder id 0x1002
    2) 3rd fp2 - no crash, mms doesn't show in inbox folder, HandleSesssionEventL() says that mesasge appears in folder id 0x100002. If I watch folder 0x100002, than I can analyze message body but still no mms in folder inbox. Panic Main kill -11 but no crash.
    3) 5th edition - similar situation like 3rd fp2, but crash after exiting HandleSessionEventL().
    It doesn't matter if I build application on 3rd edition fp1 and run on fp2 or if build on fp2 and run on fp2.
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