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    Is Symbian OS 9.5 phones released?


    Any Nokia Phones released with Symbian OS 9.5 version?

    If I develop an application is OS9.3 with S60 SDK Fp2,Will it work in Symbian OS 9.5?

    Anyone Please reply.Its very urgent.

    with regards,

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    Re: Is Symbian OS 9.5 phones released?


    Symbian 5th sdk is released as symbian OS9.4 that is touch screen and you need some chnages into your code to run on the device.
    Use [URL="http://qt.nokia.com/products/qt-quick/"]Qt-Quick[/URL] to make your application UI more attractive.

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    Re: Is Symbian OS 9.5 phones released?

    If something is urgent, you may consider checking what you can: click on Devices above, the opening page you will get contains the newest devices - some of them are just announced a couple days ago. Currently the first one is the N900, which is not based on Symbian, but if you click on the second (5230), you will quickly see the version of the operating system it uses.

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