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    Unhappy N97 Emulator GPS


    I haven't found any help nor topic about the route utility present in N97 emulator.

    I would like to know any method to change the GPS default location (set on university of tampere, finland)

    I figured out how to make the signal move randomly bu it's too slow and very less intuitive.

    Anybody now how to chage gps coordinates and make them move?

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    Re: N97 Emulator GPS

    The GPS data emulation is done in the emulator (and on device) using the Simulation PSY component. It reads NMEA strings from a file. You can chose which of the available data files to play and of course you can create your own files using the Route Utility or by recording NMEA strings from a GPS device (e.g. search for NMEAXmit in the Forum Nokia Wiki).

    You can find info about the Simulation PSY tool at S60 Location Technologies - Testing made easy. If you want to use the tool on device you can find the sis file in your SDK under \S60Tools
    -- Lucian

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    Re: N97 Emulator GPS

    I didn't know about that feature.

    Okay, I have installed and it works okay with the provided nme and sps, but, I have converted a KML track recorded with sports tracker to nmea file using an app called route converter, but, If I use this file (after renaming it to .nme) the gps doesn't work anymore, it keeps looking for coordinates forever.

    How can I use my own kml track with the gps simulator?

    Thank you again.

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    Re: N97 Emulator GPS

    gpsbabel can convert backwards and forwards.

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