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    BlockGame Example problem

    Hello, I am a rookie in game development with J2ME for nokia phones and I ran into some problems with vibra and sound.
    I tested BlockGame which comes with Nokia Developpers' Suite on 7650 and there is no vibra even though I enabled it in settings and sound is completely different than in emulator, mere clicks than sounds. Also, in series 60 emulator rms is functioning properly but not on actual device. Are differences between emulators and devices that great or am I missing something? Thanx.

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    Vibra is still not supported in the J2ME implementations on Nokia phones.
    Sound sounds different since the phone doesn't have the same speakers as the computer. I have an app on the 7650 that plays a WAV file and even though it does sound different, it is not that bad.
    I haven't noticed any problems with RMS on the phone, but I haven't used it too much.


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    Vibra and Backlight are not supported on Series 60 phones but they are on the Series 40 phones.

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