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    Widget : Home Screen View

    I am new to WRT. I develop a simple widget to display information according to the user's specific request. It works well. It works properly and gives the information according to the user's request. I also implement the logic for home screen view (by taking the reference as the Sample "AccuWidget"- code). But for my widget it didn't show the content in the home screen(on device only N97, it successfully run on simulator). And one more problem (on both simulator and device) is that, not show the scroll bars: even if i set the div overflow as auto (if we switch the configuration to landscap on simulator the user could not able to see the remaining content which exceeds the screen height).
    Pls, suggest me; how to solve this issue...

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    Re: Widget : Home Screen View

    Hi neeraja,

    can you post the HTML/CSS snippets for the home view, together with the JavaScript code that switches from full to home view?

    About the "overflow: auto" issue, it is hard to say without seeing how and where it is used in your code.


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