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    E61i NOT sending DTMF on Voip call

    Hello everybody!
    First time on the site and first time Voip user on cell phone.
    Just got my E61i and finally figured out how to register with Callcentric and Justvoip Voip services. Was very happy, until I found out that the DTMF is not recognized by the Linksys SPA3102.
    The setup I have is the following:
    The SPA is in EU and it's connected to the PSTN line on the FXO port. After I make the Internet call on my E61i to this SPA, I get connected with the PSTN line. Unfortunately I'm not able to call any number, because my "digits" not being recognized by the SPA. If I call through regular line, all works OK.
    Can this be fixed on my Nokia?
    Thanks for your time!
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    Re: E61i NOT sending DTMF on Voip call

    This is just an inband vs rfc2833 configuration problem.

    If I recall offhand correctly, the nokia voip stack implements inband dtmf (though this might be changeable using the nokia voip settings application...can't remember).

    If you don't want to change the configuration on your phone, change the config on your spa3102 to use inband dtmf and it should pick up the digits.

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