I have created a big database of several landmarks for a city (restaurants, cinémas,...) which I have successfully converted in a lmx file and imported to my N71 in GPS >> Locations. I can see them when I open Ovi Maps they appear in "Favourites" and I can display them on the map. But I do not want them to display there, I like the "Explore" feature that gives you access to predefined categories and display the results by ascending distance from the location on the map and stopping the search after 5 km, thus not clogging the screen with numerous landmarks.

How can I make my landmarks accessible in this OVI Maps feature: do I have to "publish to OVI maps" ? Since it is first of all for personal use, if only to test it, I do not want to pay fees for this.

Otherwise, is there a way to emulate this location-based search by programming an app for my phone ?

Thanks for your answers !