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    Direct links to Apps in OVI

    It is possible to have direct links to apps in Ovi, but the method used has a couple of problems

    a) It only works after an app has become available. This makes it impossible to add the same link in the application itself for a "tell a friend" command in a single go, you need to

    1) build the app without the command,
    2) sign it
    3) create the app in Ovi
    3) put the app in Ovi
    4) record the number
    5) put the number in the app
    6) sign it again
    7) put it in Ovi again as a free upgrade

    This number must be known as soon as the app is created Ovi, because you can then put the number in the app before signing, removing steps 5), 6) and 7), and eliminating an superfluous Q&A pass too.

    b) when somebody is following the link, he should always arrive at the app's page, irrespective of the device and the browser used. We have the perfect situation that an app is recommended by a user to his friends and collegues. This is one of the best advertising methods in the history of mankind and you do not want to piss off all these people by not making it possible for them to buy the app. On a smartphone that is not compatible you display a message instead of the buy button, on a PC you give the user the opportunity to send a SMS to his own smartphone with a buy me link in the sms.
    Sander van der Wal

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    Re: Direct links to Apps in OVI

    You may point the link in application to your website, and set a redirect link in your website. This way you can save a lot of money from not resign the application.

    Also, the application key (that hash string) may change without notice developers. So if you put a direct link, it might fail some day and your users might encounter unexcepted errors.

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    Re: Direct links to Apps in OVI

    According to OVI store guidlines, you could not have any other links pointing outside the OVI store. So in this case, is redirection will help ? Final out put will be OVI store application which is going to be opened.

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    Re: Direct links to Apps in OVI

    How can I get a direct link to the published application?
    "4) record the number" - What do you mean?

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