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    Diffrence between Network based GPS and Assisted GPS

    Hi all,

    In some of the posts i see the list of positioning methods as
    Blue tooth GPS, Assisted GPS,Network Based GPS. Can you please tell what is the difference between Network based GPS and Assisted GPS.

    I am working on S60 A-GPS, in my setup i am not able to see Assisted GPS listed in my positioning methods. Can you please tell what to do to get Assisted GPS in the list and enable it and work.


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    Re: Diffrence between Network based GPS and Assisted GPS

    Network based positioning is based on information of your cellurar network environment, be it gsm-network or other networks like wireless lan cells. GPS uses satellites, network based doesn't.
    Assisted GPS is same module, so if enabled and working you will profit from it automatically.

    You can find more detailed explanation around A-GPS and other positioning options in internet - for instance in wikipedia.


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    Re: Diffrence between Network based GPS and Assisted GPS

    A-GPS uses network based positioning info (let accurate but fast to obtain) to help the GPS chip obtain a satellite based fix faster.

    If your device does not have a GPS chip it is unlikely that it comes with A-GPS support either and while adding A-GPS support is technically possible (after all, it's just a software component) it would be a pointless exercise.

    There's no such thing as Network Based GPS.
    -- Lucian

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