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    [Request] rebuild PyS60 runtime version 1.4.5 for 5th edtion compatibilty

    When installing the PyS60 runtime version 1.4.5 on a S60 5th edition device a compatibility warning is shown: 'Application not compatible with phone. Continue anyway?'. From my experience this warning keeps a lot of user from installing the stable PyS60 runtime version on their S60 5th edition devices. From my understanding only two things have to be done to resolve this issue:
    1. Add the line '[0x1028315F], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}' (S60 5th edition platform ID) to the PyS60 runtime PKG file and repackage it.
    2. Sign the modified PyS60 runtime SIS file. (Has to be done by Nokia because of a proper certificate.)

    Please Nokia, add the 5th edition platform ID to the PKG file, repackage it and sign it! I'm tired of writing e-mails that the 1.4.5 runtime works fine on 5th edition devices despite of the 'alarming' incompatibility warning ;-)

    TIA Martin

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    Re: [Request] rebuild PyS60 runtime version 1.4.5 for 5th edtion compatibilty

    hello dehlerm

    You are correct that PyS60 is the stable version of PyS60 but it is not the version developed for touch based devices.

    If you want to use PyS60 in touch based devices you need to try PyS60 1.9.x releases which are still on the experimental phase.


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