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    setting up WAP server problems

    i am quite confused of how to set up a WAP server. My case is like this; i am working on a WAP project using JSPs and MySQL as the DBMS. My project open day is near and I need to set them up running it real time. How can I make it possible?

    I though about just setting up in my company server which runs 24 hrs, by installing the servlet container (iam using Tomcat 4) and also installing MySQL. For MySQL, i bind the server IP address with the DBMS using mysqld --bind-address= Then just key in the servlet container localhost address that is When I key in that address in my phone URL, it wouldn't load and says 'WAP time out'. For your info, my project target user agents for series 30 (WML) and series 60 (XHTML).

    My questions is;
    1. Am i getting this right? Please correct me if i am wrong
    2. Do i need anything else?
    3. Oh yes, what is the role of Nokia Active Server here?

    Thanks for the help.

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    IP addesses starting with 192.168 are internal. So therefore it is impossible to route anything to that kind of an address. In other words your server is not visible to the Internet. If you have your own remote access service pool then the case is ofcourse different. So you most propably need to have a non-internal IP address for your server that is visible to the Internet.

    In addition you should make sure that you have correct mime type settings in your server as well as in your application.

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    Jori / Forum Nokia

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