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    WML & XHTML user agent problems

    I am quite confused about how the client device detects user agent types lets say for series 30 (WML) and series 60 (XHTML).
    Can some one advice the codes for this.

    If i were to put those codes in every card, will that, make the card size bigger? As far as i know series 30 cannot support large files. I plan to have a JSP file to generate 2 formats, one for series 30 (WML) & the other for series 60 (XHTML).

    if i were to put those a few line of codes that detect those agents, do I have to put them at the header of EVERY card in the WAP project? or should i only initialize them once, lets say in the 'index.jsp' (start page) of the portal?

    confused, & need help.

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    The type of the client is detected on the server side.

    1. You should create your JSP so that it detects the client type from the HTTP header of the clients POST or GET.
    2. Your JSP generates the propriate WML deck or XHTML code according to the user agent type.

    So only the size of the JSP will be bigger - in the WML or XHTML there will be no code for detecting the client type.

    Kind regards,

    sami / Forum Nokia Developer Support

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