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    Sensors: How do they work?


    I want to know the way the sensors works... I mean what means the three coordinates the accelerometer returns, the rotation sensor values...

    I can't find the information on the website. I could just find the way to code on them (and I did it), but i can't find the way to understand what they mean.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Sensors: How do they work?

    I do not work with those API-s, but as far as I can remember, the measurement unit is specified in the documentation. It also matters which API you mean.

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    Re: Sensors: How do they work?

    Begin with reading the SDK help and articles in Wiki (Category:Sensor). For example:
    - Sensor interaction (from S60 5th ed. SDK)
    - Sensor APIs (Allow applications to connect to and receive data from various sensors on an S60 device. The Sensor Channel API provides the mechanism by which an application connects to a sensor, while the Sensor Definition API provides the definitions of the data structures used to pass sensor-specific information through the channels. Specialized classes then provide for listening to and receiving meaningful data from sensors designed to detect acceleration, orientation, magnetic fields, and tapping.) (from S60 5th ed. SDK)
    - Nokia Sensor APIs
    - S60 Sensor Framework

    I mean what means the three coordinates the accelerometer returns, the rotation sensor values...
    Check this - http://library.forum.nokia.com/topic...6d%65%74%22%20

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