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    Privacy functions in Location Based Browsing in i-mode

    I'm sure this is not right forum for my topic but I really need help.

    I'm doing research work among Location Based Browsing (LBB). Especially I'm interested in user's privacy related to use of his location information.

    I have understood that i-mode supports LBB.
    For privacy functions it's using "Privacy List"

    Unfortunately I cant't find more information about user's privacy in LBB in i-mode.

    Does i-mode support following privacy functions with Location Based Browsing:
    - User's permission for processing location information needed
    - User can cancel permission whenever he likes
    - Information available about accuracy of location information
    - Information available about how location information is used
    - Information available about duration of locating
    - Information available about delivering location information to third party
    - Simple switching on/off locating function
    - Listing trusted & untrusted hosts
    - Possibility to decrease accuracy of location information

    Where to find such an information?

    Is there any i-mode spesific developer netowrk or discussion forum?

    I would appreciate very much if somebody could point me to right direction.


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    Re: Privacy functions in Location Based Browsing in i-mode

    no i-mode developers here, so I would suggest you to use google to find out where they are..

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