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    3ds max -> sprite export problem with JSR-184 exporter


    I'm currently working on an application using an JSR-184 animation scene. I'm working closely together with a media designer who creates the animation scene using 3ds max. 3d max has an export tool that creates an m3g file that I use in retained mode in the Java app. We have had this running for a while now, but now that we tried to change some small things in the original scene we are stuck with some strange export problems. Maybe someone can help us out on this one.

    Here is what my colleague wrote in another forum:

    Despite the fact that 3dx max (design 2010) crashes anytime I use the m3g export function without saving right before, I'm currently encountering the following problem:
    I have four objects in my 3ds max scene that I want to export as sprites, thus I built them as simple planes, which as far as I understand from the rare documentation I could find on the net is the only proper source for a sprite export.

    This is the story so far:
    1.) In the exporter I mark the corresponding plane and click the "convert to sprite" button, no errors or warnings during export so far
    2.) I open the new .m3g file in the M3G Player and it says "Error load 3D world from X:\....m3g", which seems to be caused by the mesh-to-sprite conversion before (If I export the m3g without converting the plane to a sprite it plays fine)
    3.) Back in the exporter dialogue for the sprite-converted plane I set "rendering" and "picking" to FALSE which made the exported m3g play without errors or warnings in the M3G Player. The programmer I work with is fine with this FALSE values, as they are not important for the range of use of the sprite in the project.
    4.) This even worked for all four planes once.

    Currently I want to re-export, having hardly changed a thing (just wanting to export with different settings) and I can't get a working M3G anymore if I convert the Planes to sprites. It only seems to work with one plane but I can't see what is different with it compared to the other planes. There are only integer-values entered, no broken or "decimal point" values.

    Exporting sprites really seems to be a horror with that export tool.

    Is anybody here familiar with that problem or knows some advice or what else I might have to check?

    Let me know if I should explain any of the steps further.


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    Re: 3ds max -> sprite export problem with JSR-184 exporter

    hey have ever face some probs like me like 1)UV coordinates are out of range. and
    2)Number of arrays of texture coordinates is not equal to number of textures.

    And what have u doe for that?? actually i'm new for M3G and making game for nikia cells resolution 240x320. and having some probs like mentioned above while exporting.

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    Re: 3ds max -> sprite export problem with JSR-184 exporter

    hey, gamelord.sj, did you managed to solve your problem with the error
    'number of arrays of texture coordinates is not equal to number of textures'
    because i have it too, and don't know how to deal with it.

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