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    SVG Render Problem

    Hi everyone,

    i have got a few problems on rendering SVG format.
    i am using M2G library for Controlling SVG images.

    My code is below;

    //Svg image Path
    String SVG_IMAGE = "/thumbsUp.svg";

    //Getting image With InputStream
    InputStream svgDemoStream = getClass().getResourceAsStream(SVG_IMAGE);
    if (svgDemoStream == null)
    throw new Error("Could not load " + SVG_IMAGE);

    System.err.print("Loading SVGImage .... ");

    //Creating SVG image with inputstream
    SVGImage svgImage = (SVGImage)SVGImage.createImage(svgDemoStream, null);
    System.err.println(" ... Done");

    //adding image to the canvas object
    svgCanvas = new SVGImageCanvas(svgImage);
    catch (IOException e)
    throw new Error("Could not load " + SVG_IMAGE);

    Also my Canvas object something like this;

    class SVGImageCanvas extends Canvas
    * The SVGImage painted by the canvas.
    public SVGImage svgImage;

    * The ScalableGraphics used to paint into the midp
    * Graphics instance.
    // create the scalable graphics instance
    public ScalableGraphics sg = ScalableGraphics.createInstance();

    * @param svgImage the SVGImage this canvas should paint.
    public SVGImageCanvas(SVGImage svgImage) {
    this.svgImage = svgImage;

    public void paint(Graphics g)
    // clear the display
    g.setColor(255, 255, 255);
    g.fillRect(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());
    // bind our scalable graphics to the given graphics
    // render at fixed position and size
    sg.render(0, 0, svgImage);
    // release the graphics context

    When i run m application i got empty screen and not render thumbsUp.svg image..

    if Anyone has a solution share with me ?

    thanks for reply

    Kamil İNAL

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    Re: SVG Render Problem

    Hi everyone,

    On debug mode this code works fine i can see the SVG image on canvas but on test mode false canvas object shows empty white screen..What is the problem??
    could someone help me??

    thanks for any advice

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