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    Application takes more time to respond after flipping the N97 device.

    Hi all,

    I have a serious problem with my new application.
    My application is based on CTelephony class for call handling.


    When I press the "Reject" button,the call will be rejected immediately (i.e. when the "redkey" is simulated)

    Code used:

    TRawEvent lEventDown;
    	lEventDown.Set(TRawEvent::EKeyDown, EStdKeyNo);
    	TRawEvent lEventUp;
    	lEventUp.Set(TRawEvent::EKeyUp, EStdKeyNo);

    After flipping the (N97)device from landscape to portrait and vice versa, the application takes more time to reject the call.

    There is no problem when I don't flip the device.
    But If I wait for sometime after flipping the same device it works fine.

    (there exist no problems for the same application in Nokia 5800)

    I cant find a solution to reduce the delay that happens when this flipping occurs.

    So Please help me to find out a solution.


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    Re: Application takes more time to respond after flipping the N97 device.

    Maybe you should use some other method for rejecting the call, for example AT Command CHUP would propably do the trick better.

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