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    UNI-05 and UNI-07 in symbian signed test criteria


    I want to send my application the symbian sign test.
    In my application, when I am performing the backup and restore operation according to the symbian signed test criteria, the application terminates during backup and then again application restarts once backup is completed.Also the restoration processes is successful.
    Will my application pass the symbian signed test with this behavior (my application terminates and restarts during backup)?

    Also I tried another scenario, where I made my application a system application using the below code.
    CEikonEnv::Static()->SetSystem( ETrue );
    After implementation of the above, my application doesn't terminate while taking back up. Now both the backup and the restoration process is also successful.
    But the Universal test case, UNI-05:System Events and Task List Compliance(The application can be closed by the Task List or Task Manager) fails, i.e i m not able close the application using the delete key.

    Could any one please tell me how are these two scenarios mentioned above treated in the symbian test house.
    Or If there is any other work around for the above please suggest me.


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    Re: UNI-05 and UNI-07 in symbian signed test criteria

    The symbian signed support forum would be in: http://developer.symbian.org/forum/, I would think that people working in there would have better idea on these ones..

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