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    How can i open the local html?

    hi everyone

    i am developing application about j2me(S40).

    My file(.html) is always saved to special directory in device
    ( ex) c:\myfolder\ex.html)

    i want to know the method to open the html file by device browser.

    if you know it, let me know.

    Thank you.
    Have nice day.

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    Re: How can i open the local html?

    you could try with a PlatformRequest and see if it works ?
    You will need the relative position of the file though (as in for example c://myIndex.html)

    btw you're using a S40 which means you will have to exit app after the PlatformRequest, after which the browser may (or may not) be started by the OS... In a S60, because of its multi-tasking capabilities, the browser may (or again may not) be started right away...
    You can check this by the boolean which is returned from the PlatformRequest call, if it's true you have to exit your app first..
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