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    Thumbs up making rectangle around the selected component

    i have set labels with images in 2,2 gridlayout , in the form, every thing is working fine except their is no change on screen when focus is shifting from one label to another i.e the end user is not able to detect which is the current focusable item. I am able to know which is the current label the user is focusing as i have set UID for each component and when their is shift of focus i collect the uid of present focusable item , i have to contain the label in a square when the component is focused so that the end user knows it.

    kindly help me this is the last task for me to complete my application .

    I am making it with LWUIT

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    Re: making rectangle around the selected component

    The problem has been solved ! I have called the function setBorderPainted(true) in focus gained and setBorderPainted(false) when focus is lost

    any way's


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