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    New message icon name ?

    Hi, I`m looking for new message (create new message) icon name, in Symbian 5TH, I`m search in avkon.mbg but not find.

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    Re: New message icon name ?

    check this link it has thumbnail of all the icons, you can get Id of icon. May be this could hel you in some way.


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    Re: New message icon name ?

    There is no this icon on that page:(

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    Re: New message icon name ?

    That particular icon is probably not part of Avkon (new set of icons: http://symbian.devtricks.mobi/tricks/avkon2_mif_icons), but part of the Messages application (remember that epoc32\release\winscw\udeb\z\resource\apps contains quite a few icon files besides avkon2.mif/mbm).

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