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    Exclamation E71x video player losing audio

    The below occurs on an E71x.

    I am developing a MIDlet that has a video player. When the screen is loaded, I then start to load and play a video. The screen works great if no buttons are pressed during loading. Sometimes, however, if I press the up/down keys repeatedly while the video loads, the video starts without audio. Basically, it seems like the video is muted (but if I query for the volume, or set the volume using VolumeControl.setLevel(level), I get the appropriate level, or a VOLUME_CHANGED event through the PlayerListener with a non-zero value). From this point forward, I cannot get any video to play with audio, even in the native RealPlayer. I can only regain audio with a hard-reset (*#7370#). Also, perhaps it's important to note that when video plays fine (with audio), it disables any keypad tones during playing. When I get into this no-audio state in the video player, I can hear the keypad tones even when the video appears to be playing just fine (but without audio).

    To summarize:
    I bang on the up/down keys during video loading.
    The video starts with no audio.
    Video's look fine but seem muted. No method of changing the volume gets it back. This occurs in and outside my MIDlet (including RealPlayer)
    With a hard reset, I can get audio back for videos, both in my app, and in RealPlayer.

    Has anyone out there seen this problem before, and can anyone help solve it, or prevent this from happening?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: E71x video player losing audio

    Less frequently, I get a different result. The same test scenario, but instead of the audio dropping out, I start to get the following exception:

    javax.microedition.media.MediaException: Prefetch error: -5

    All of the videos have been previously tested and play fine on the device. When I press the buttons during loading, however, one of these two cases might happen (muted audio or this exception).

    Both cases stop video from playing in RealPlayer. After I hit the scenario described above, if I try to load a video in the native RealPlayer, I get the following error message:

    "Unable to play media clip"

    Can anyone help out?


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