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    The API to change the ip adress of WLAN connection

    i have set an adhoc from my pc through a LAN port to Wireless card so i connect to the phone through WLAN , my problem is that every now and then it gives "No gateway reply" message and i have to manually change the ip of WLAN connection as s60 phones lack a repair tool like windows one that can refresh my ip automatically and doing so manually is quite a hassle considering how frequently i have to do so .

    So I was wondering if there is any API that can do something like that ? i.e change the ip address of an internet WLAN connection in the destinations ? sorry if it seemed a trivial question i am just new to "symbian" , "S60" , and mobile programming all together

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    Re: The API to change the ip adress of WLAN connection

    Technically you can specify IP address via the CommsDat/CommDb API-s (if you search for some combination of access, point, create, creation and iap in the Wiki, you will certainly find several related articles).
    However in my opinion the act what matters is not changing the IP address, but restarting the WLAN interface. At least I am developing applications for ad-hoc WLAN, and after a while the interface inevitably dies.
    From the end-user point of view you could simply use the Connection Manager, and stop the WLAN interface from there - when it gets restarted, it will probably work again. From the developer's point of view, there the API for stop-ing an active interface is RConnection::Stop, but it requires NetworkControl capability as far as I know, and that is the point where things start to get difficult.

    You can try asking around on http://www.nokia.com/discussions

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    Re: The API to change the ip adress of WLAN connection

    This was an issue on the 5800 at least.
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