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    Exclamation N79 Music Player is not deducting songs in music folder

    Hai Friends!
    I bought n79 before 4 months. Upto last week no problem. Last week i connected my memory card to system through Card Reader. After coping files i disconnected that card reader and i plugged the card reader in my mobile. While viewing files it shows nothing in memory card and a single file with extension ".USB" 2.6 GB size. After that i formatted the memory card and i created the music folder and i copied movie songs and 4 single songs

    When i refresh music player library ..
    Music player is deducting only that four songs "Memory card:\Music\files.mp3"
    And its not deducting the songs in "Memory card:\Music\Folder\files.mp3"
    In profile ring tone selection also not displaying. It shows as "file not found"
    I can play songs through file browser.
    What is the problem?
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    Re: N79 Music Player is not deducting songs in music folder

    Note that there is a separate site for end-user support discussions: http://www.nokia.com/discussions

    Anyway, you should simply open the Music player, and select Refresh from its menu. It is available only in the 'topmost' view of the Music player, when the right softkey shows 'Hide' (or anything else, but not 'Back')

    About the mysterious 2.6 GB file, it may happen that you have done something to the file system (like converting it to NTFS for example).

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