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    Exclamation N79 Music Player is not deducting songs in music folder

    Hai Friends!
    I bought n79 before 4 months. Upto last week no problem. Last week i connected my memory card to system through Card Reader. After coping files i disconnected that card reader and i plugged the card reader in my mobile. While viewing files it shows nothing in memory card and a single file with extension ".USB" 2.6 GB size. After that i formatted the memory card and i created the music folder and i copied movie songs and 4 single songs

    When i refresh music player library ..
    Music player is deducting only that four songs "Memory card:\Music\files.mp3"
    And its not deducting the songs in "Memory card:\Music\Folder\files.mp3"
    In profile ring tone selection also not displaying. It shows as "file not found"
    I can play songs through file browser.
    What is the problem?
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