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    Emulator not responding problem

    When I launch emulator debug,
    it's often not responding after the S60 animation splash screen displayed.
    As the animation ended the status of emulator turned to "Not Responding" in Windows Task Manager.
    It's about 1-2 minutes after emulator launched.
    This situation does not occur at specific point,
    so the messages in console are different at each time.
    Please help me, thanks!

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    Re: Emulator not responding problem

    Unfortunately this is the emulator that we have to use. So this behavior is considered 'normal'.
    Try having as much free memory as you can, it really matters a lot. If heavy swapping becomes necessary, some internal timers/watchdogs may get expired, resulting in various effects, for example one of them is asking you to bring the device (the emulator) to service.
    Most recent emulators (starting from S60 3rd FP2) support partial startup mode, which makes things faster (however it also means that several components will not get started, which may cause problems if your application happens to need them).

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