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    does not support program "GNUMAKEFILE" for platform "GCCE"

    i was successfully runing my application in my comp.
    i moved to another comp. and when i build working project
    i get
    This project does not support program "GNUMAKEFILE" for platform "GCCE"

    my application exe should be in
    according to pkg file but dont have GCCE file in sdk
    do u have any ideas
    i quess i have wrong sdk can u tell me what sdk i should install
    or what causes this

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    Re: does not support program "GNUMAKEFILE" for platform "GCCE"

    You will get an information about your problem form the links below:



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    Re: does not support program "GNUMAKEFILE" for platform "GCCE"

    S60_3rd means S60 3rd edition SDK, without any feature packs or 'maintenance release'. However that is the worst possible choice, I would not suggest downloading it.
    Otherwise you could obviously check the SDK you use on the computer where your project compiles fine.

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