I am new to Symbian and still in the learning phase. I want to develope a application in Symbian which will run a j2me app. The j2me app is already been developed.Let me tell you about my application in brief.

I have an j2me application which is recording a mp3 file.But as recording and playing is not simultaneously possible in j2me so I want to play the same recorded file in Symbian.

What I actually trying to do is I am trying to make a symbian application which will start my j2me application and when the j2me application will start recording the file, I have kept a option called "Play" in the j2me application which when clicked will start my symbian application which will play the mp3 file.

Now I am collecting the mp3 file (in j2me application) in bytes array and sending it to the symbian application. My symbian application will just need to play the file.Can anyone will suggest how to start with. Is there any help from any sites.