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    Nokia 5800 Cover change and Light sensor?


    I own a 5800 XpressMusic in Red, i would like to change the covers to Black/Grey, i already found a place where i could buy the original covers, my question is, if i change the cover my self will i void the warranty?

    About the light sensor:

    As all you know ( at least who owns a 5800 XM ), This Phone has a light and a proximity sensor, B4 i bought my phone, i made some researches, couple of hours reading about it, and also watched some VideoReviews, Everyone at some point talked about the light sensor and proximity sensor, I understood that the proximity sensor function is to disable the touch screen during a call as soon as it feels something in the near to avoid pressing keys on the display while calling, and the light sensor to adjust the display brightness acoording to the light conditions...

    So my problem is.. when i am walking outside and i pull out my Nokia 5800 and unlock the keypad... i barely can see the display.. the display light doesn´t shine brighter at all. My last Phone SonyEricsson W595 had a light sensor as well that auto adjusted to the light conditions, turning the display hell bright when i was outside, i could see like a charm! With my nokia, i tried it my self at home now, covering the sensor with my finger to see if it turns the screen darker... but no luck...

    Any one could tell me why do we have a light sensor if it doesn't work like it should?

    Best regards

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    Re: Nokia 5800 Cover change and Light sensor?

    hello katsuru

    the place you need to post your query is http://www.nokia.com/discussions. this is a developers discussions board.


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