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    App not working in E50

    Hi All,

    I developed an console app which will run a GUI application. It was working fine till the time i was using the UID generated by carbide c++. Then i changed the random ids with UID genrated from symbiansigned and now the console app runs but does not launch the GUI.

    I am not sure what can be the problem. It works fine on the emulator.

    Can anyone please help

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    Re: App not working in E50

    Obviously you must have failed to replace all the occurrences of the old UID3 with the new one. The UID3 is used in many places in the source code and in some file names as well so you must be sure to replace it everywhere.

    Carbide.c++'s Search and Replace feature should help, also use a file manager to control the file names in your project.
    -- Lucian

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