I try to add the music to my J2ME application for 3510i and 7210. Both phones can play polyphonic melodies - when I upload them and use them manually as the ring tone. But when I split my 4-channels MIDI to 4 .ott files and try to play it by midlet - it sounds very sad ( If I try to play each .ott voice separately - each of them plays using the only musical instrument (every channel use the SAME instrument). If I try to play voices simultaneously (in various combinations) - the result is the silence or strange sounds

If somebody knows that - please tell me:
* is this possible to set the desired melody instrument when I play .ott sound fragment from J2ME midlet?
* Is it possible to play several voices (in case of 3510i & 7210, I think, its 4) simultaneously?
I see that my phones CAN do that. But I dont know how to do that by J2ME midlet.

Hoping for the wise advice,