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    Game description (language) problems in Ovi Store!

    Hi Ovi Store Team.

    We have a couple of games published on the Ovi Store, Sheep Mania: Puzzle Islands and Sheep Mania: Barnyard Dash. About 2-3 weeks ago, the game descriptions started to appear in German on clients that have the language set to English. We checked if there was something wrong with our meta-data, but cannot find anything wrong with it.

    In addition, we checked a number of other games on the Ovi Store with my own Ovi Store login (I have language set to English). For instance, games from Gameloft and EA, also appear in German, when they should appear in English.

    Our own conclusion is that there must be some kind of problem with Ovi Store. Obviously for us and I imagine the other publishers, this is a rather serious culprit that seriously hampers sales (I doubt many English reading people can understand German ;-) ).

    We have attempted to get some answers from support on publish.ovi.com, but haven't been able to get any explanation yet.

    If any of you could look into this problem or at least give an explanation as to what is going on at the moment and perhaps when this will be addressed, would be greatly appreachiated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

    Henrik Weide, Progressive Media.

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    Re: Game description (language) problems in Ovi Store!

    Ok, we got an answer from support today, so no need to follow up on this issue.

    However I will cite the information we got for the other publishers who want to know what is going on.

    I got the following message from support:

    "This German Language problem is not related to your items, it's affecting a number of our publishers and it is now identified as a Store bug. As far as I've been informed the bug is not on the publishing level but on the Store's level. Our RD team is looking into it but they have not made any plans public yet."

    Nice to hear that the problem is known and acknowledged now. However, it is a bit disturbing that things like this takes so long to discover and fix. Same goes for the ever recurring search problems, lack of re-download etc..

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