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    Help in SMS localization

    Hi to all

    Recently I have been curious about developing a localized SMS application which can send and receive SMS using my language (which is Amharic, Ethiopian language). In detail, when I press a key on a mobile phone to write a message instead of displaying English character I want the application to display the Unicode Amharic character.. And in a receiver part the application must catch the SMS before it goes to the phone’s inbox. I hope Unicode characters can be sent through GSM network that’s our ISP supports …

    I plan to achieve this application separate from the phone’s message editor means that I want to develop a new message editor for it …

    And anyone who is familiar with this kind of things or has done it before with other languages …

    Any replays I will be thankful…..

    Best regards,
    Abel K.

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    Re: Help in SMS localization

    TSmsAlphabet::ESmsAlphabetUCS2 is what you probably need. Apparently you can apply it in CSmsSettings.

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