I've got 2 versions of application. First, I install 1 version, then - the second one, updating the first-installed. I've always thought, that during update all data except private directory removes and then installs again from new sis-file.

But now I see, that Symbian is more complicated:

1) When I install first version in memory card, it's private dir is in memory card. Then I install second version in phone and all private data remains, but now private dir is in phone disk, not in memory card. Is it copying?

2) I'd like to remove some files during uninstallation, but to keep them, when updating. So I do:
if( NOT( exists( "!:\private\<UID>\MyFile.ini" ) ) )
"Uninstaller.exe" -"!:\sys\bin\Uninstaller.exe", FR, RR, RW

in my pkg-file.
Uninstaller.exe runs during uninstallation, but it also runs during updating. And I know exactly, that there is file "MyFile.ini" in private dir, cos' my application uses it.

Does anybody know, what happens to private directory during application updates?