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    Solved: Request handling problem (java-script)

    I have a problem handling my Request within my Widget.

    I do two kinds of request which should both work quite similar, though one doesnt work at all.
    Requested XML looks like this:

    <YMResult Version="2.0" ResultType="POI_DETAIL">
    I get the request like that:

    xmlResult = this.httpReq.responseXML;
    then i want to extract the values:

    Something like that should work:
    var poiList = xmlResult.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("PoiDetail");
    But following code leads to an exception:

    Here comes the kicker: The Code runs in Aptana-Plugin and in Firefox. But it does not on my N95 developement Phone. Is there any possibility to debug java-script widget code on my phone or any other environement where i can do so? Or has anybody have a clue what i might have done wrong?
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    Re: Request handling problem (java-script)

    solved: wrt parsed the "&" to &#38 which had to be replaced to a "&" again.

    wtf i say

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