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    Cool CleverTexting : A new usability

    Dear Everybody,

    Writing to you on behalf of Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd, India. We have been developing for the last one year, and today we wish to make an announcement.

    CleverTexting is a new ergonomic usability to type on the Mobile phone in various languages of the world using the existing keypad and on your existing phone and with no need for printed characters on the keypad. No multitap, chording, mode change or any other disambiguation. It introduces several innovations. These are

    1. Ergonomic Single keypress typing, through predictions and dynamic key allocations.
    2. Statistical Predictive Text
    3. SMS compression (between 400% to 150%)

    CleverTexting was the cover story of the Ergonomist Society, UK in Mar 2009.

    Quickly, one by one.

    What is ergonomic about CleverTexting?

    1. Not all the keys of your phone are equally comfortable to your thumb. On the most commonly used ITUT keypad, when held in the right hand, the key 1 is the most ergonomic and the key #, the least comfortable to your texting thumb. CleverTexting uses dynamic allocation of characters constantly to positions which are most comfortable to your thumb. Try it to know the difference.

    2. CleverTexting is also about predictive text, but this is dictionaryless and instead relies on the statistical nature of languages, which has been mined from large text corpuses and produces excellent results. It makes it equally easy to type dictionary and non dictionary words. And is a very lightweight technology.

    3. SMS Compression : CleverTexting offers SMS compression which is language specific. This allows to pack in about 300% more text into Unicode language SMS (Arabic, Hebrew, Indian languages) and about 150% for latin script SMS. But you need CleverTexting on both phones to benefit from the option of compressing your messages.

    Patents have been applied for several innovations of CleverTexting.


    We have released CleverTexting as a Java application for


    as also for Indian languages


    You can access the files, try it on your NOKIA phone here

    Any phone with a resolution of 240x320 or more would be fine.

    It would help very much if you first look at this video, which offers an idea of how one types in CleverTexting.


    There is also a short Help file, we recommend you look at


    There are only two rules for CleverTexting

    1. Look for the character on the screen and press the indicated key.
    2. If you dont find the character you want, press the Next List button.

    You will find that CleverTexting quickly discerns what you are most likely to write and places the characters at positions most ergonomic to your thumb.

    The usability is very unintuitive at first, but very soon you are going to love it.

    CleverTexting also works on Touch Sceen phones and several different modes are offered, including a Nearest Key mode, where characters are placed nearest to your last used key. For those who are habituated to certain key positions, there is the Legacy Color mode.

    There are other features like Uppercase, period, accents, numbers, etc which you shall find in the brief Help file mentioned.

    After you install, start the Send Message Midlet.

    I hope you shall figure it all out quickly.

    Please note that we do not know these languages, it was possible to develop these products because we only deal with the statistics of the language. You may find the commands etc incorrectly translated.

    As you use, you shall discover interesting correlations within your language.

    Feedbacks are welcome and we shall correct each of them quickly.

    Thank you,

    Abhijit Bhattacharjee
    Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd, India

    And the CleverTexting Team.

    Contact : admin@CleverTexting.com
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