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    Java sending data to Nokia Phone

    Hi I'm trying to send AT Commands (or any other commands if there are any...) to my Nokia 2600. I want to receive unread messages so I've tried :


    These commands where send in a hyperterminal, where other commands like sending messages and getting manufacturer data was succesfull so the connection isn't the problem. Can someone give me the proper codes? Thank you in advance!

    Also I have this Java program, to try and send data to a phone, I trying to do so via Bluetooth and I have the phone's bluetoothaddress. But the program always echos what I'm sending. Here is the code :

    import javax.bluetooth.*;
    import javax.microedition.io.*;
    import java.io.*;

    public class BluetoothConnection {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws URISyntaxException
    StreamConnection conn = (StreamConnection)Connector.open("btspp://001FDFC57E65:1");;
    byte buffer[] = new byte[100];
    OutputStream out = conn.openOutputStream();
    InputStream in = conn.openInputStream();
    int count = in.read(buffer);
    catch(IOException e){
    System.out.println("sorry you are screwed!");

    Again thanks a million times!

    Greetings Jelle

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    You first question is answered several times in the General Messaging section, additionally in your other thread …

    For your second one, please let us continue in your original thread …

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