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    unable to send emails using a mailbox created programmatically


    I am trying to configure a email mailbox using DM commands. I have configured the email mailbox successfully. the created mailbox is able to receive the emails from the server but the problem is in sending emails.

    By using the same mailbox if I try to send email it fails and shows a message stating "Unable to send message to email id".

    I have checked the settings with the settings of the mailboxes created by the native application. All the settings are same.

    I have tried this in N96 and E75 both shows the same behavior.
    Can anybody please tell me what could be the problem.

    Thanks in advance

    Ajay Kumar Nayak
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    Re: unable to send emails using a mailbox created programmatically

    Hello Ajay,

    could you please tell me, how to use DM commands on devices? Do you have a DM server?

    Is there any document for the Nokia devices at DM server configuration of Nokia's DM client?

    Thanks, (sorry, I don't know the answer to your question)


    Symbian && Android && iPhoneOS

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