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    Check-01 and Check -15:Symbian signed testing criteria

    Hi All,

    I want to submit my app for express signing. I am following the Submission Criteria in "Symbian signed test criteria 3.0.3". In this guide, Check-01 states that i need to provide the marketing material when submitting. What are the various symbian expectations from the marketing material.

    And Also, i am not able to understand check-15 fully. I am developing for s60 3rd Edition devices and i also have .rsc file in my package(used for autostart of the app on reboot), but my application is not using protserv capability. Do i need to take care this check-15. If yes, can someone please explain what i need to do.

    Sumeet Kumar

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    Re: Check-01 and Check -15:Symbian signed testing criteria

    Check-01 does not require you to submit any marketing material. What is required is a user guide, it could even be a txt file - indicating the functionalities and usage of the application.

    Ckeck-15 states that

    This check only applies to your application if your application has auto-start functionality and you have requested the ProtServ capability. If this is not the case for your application, then you can ignore this check.

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