I use a CBrCtlInterface object open a page.
Can CBrCtlInterface block pop-up windows?
I search enum TBrCtlSettings in the BrCtlDef.h file,but I can not find something about block pop-up.
I search S60WebKit source code.In the CWebUiSettings::ResetSettingsDbL() function which is in the WebUiSettings.h file,some code is bellow:
case KBrowserNGPopupBlocking:
                // popupblocking = 1 = enable
                err = iRepository->Set( crId, KOne );

// ---------------------------------------------------------
// CWebUiSettings::DoSettingsActionL
// ---------------------------------------------------------
TInt CWebUiSettings::DoSettingsActionL( TDesC& aActionString )
    TInt err( KErrNone );

    // Find the settings action being requested, remembering that the url
    // encoded action string format is: "settingName=settingValue"
    for ( int i=0; settingsTable[i].settingName != KNullDesC; i++ )
        // Get the setting name as a string
        TPtrC settingName( settingsTable[i].settingName );

        // Is this the setting we want to change, get the id
        if ( aActionString.Find(settingName) != KErrNotFound )
            // Get the Central Repository setting id and the setting value
            TInt crId = settingsTable[i].crId;
            TInt pos = aActionString.Locate( '=' );
            TPtrC settingValue = aActionString.Mid( pos + 1 );

            // The settingName and settingValue are strings (TDesC&)
            (void)UpdateSettingDb( crId, settingName, settingValue );

            // Inform the BrCtl engine of the setting changes. The engine only
            // cares about a subset of settings
            TBrCtlDefs::TBrCtlSettings settingId = settingsTable[i].settingId;
            (void)SetEngineSettingL( settingId, settingValue );


    return err;

struct TSettingsEntry
  TBrCtlDefs::TBrCtlSettings settingId; // TBrCtlDefs setting id, used to inform BrCtl Engine of change
  TUint32 crId;                         // Central Repository setting id, used as index to store id
  const TDesC& settingName;             // String name of the settings, used by url-encoded string

const TSettingsEntry settingsTable[] =
    // TBrCtlDefs setting id                        Central Repository id           String name
    //==========================================    ============================    ====================
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsSmallScreen,              KSmallScreen},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsAutoLoadImages,           KBrowserNGImagesEnabled,        KAutoLoadImages},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsFontSize,                 KBrowserNGFontSize,             KFontSize},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsEmbedded,                 KEmbedded},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsTextWrapEnabled,          KTextWrapEnabled},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsCookiesEnabled,           KBrowserNGCookiesEnabled,       KEnableCookies},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsCSSFetchEnabled,          KCssFetchEnabled},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsECMAScriptEnabled,        KBrowserNGECMAScriptSupport,    KEnableEcma},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsIMEINotifyEnabled,        KIMEINotifyEnabled},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsCharacterset,             KBrowserNGEncoding,             KDefaultCharSet},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsSendRefererHeader,        KSendReferHeader},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsSecurityWarnings,         KBrowserNGShowSecurityWarnings, KSecurityNotifications},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsApId,                     KBrowserNGDefaultAccessPoint,   KAccessPoint},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsCurrentZoomLevelIndex,    KCurrentZoomLevel},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsPageOverview,             KBrowserNGPageOverview,         KPageOverview},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsNumOfDownloads,           KNumOfDownloads},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsLaunchAppUid,             KLaunchAppUid},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsLaunchViewId,             KLaunchViewUid},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsLaunchCustomMessageId,    KLauchCustomMessageId},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsBackList,                 KBrowserNGBackList,             KBackList},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsAutoRefresh,              KAutoRefresh},
//    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsBrowserUtf8Encoding,      KBrowserUtf8Encoding},

    // These are additional setting enums, beyond TBrCtlDefs and WebKitControl::SettingContainer
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsUnknown,                  KBrowserNGAdaptiveBookmarks,    KAdaptiveBookmarks},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsUnknown,                  KBrowserNGHomepageURL,          KHomePageUrl},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsUnknown,                  KBrowserNGHomepageType,         KHomePageType},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsUnknown,                  KBrowserNGFullScreen,           KFullScreen},
    {TBrCtlDefs::ESettingsUnknown,                  0x00000000,                     KNullDesC}
there is not something about "pop-up" in the settingsTable