I have one problem related to HTTP session management on Nokia E51 (S60 3rd edition).

In my application, when I launch it for the first time, app will connect to server to authenticate the user. In reply, server sends the session id which app stores in some variable and will send the same with each HTTP request while connecting to the server until user exits from the app.

Now look at this scenario, after the app gets the session id from the server (in first launch), do exit from the app, launch the app again, it will try to authenticate the user with server. Problem is, with this request also, its sending the session id to the server. Here note that we are storing the session id in variable and app has exited. So there is no way that app can have that session id in variable. It looks like device is caching the http session and sending the session id with next request.

I have tested the same code on Nokia 6212 classic (S40 5th edition) and the above thing is not happening on this device.

So does any body have face the same problem with E51 or any other device? Is there any way, programmatically, by which app can clear the device cookie caching?