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    Post [Moved] How to move message of Inbox to new folder?

    Thanks first.

    Here is the code to move a new received message in Inbox
    to a new folder under "My folder" folder,
    but it did not work as I expected.

    //======================================code start=============================
    void CMySMSHandler::MoveToFolderL( TMsvId aMessageId, TMsvId aFolder )
    iSmsMtm->SwitchCurrentEntryL( aMessageId );
    TMsvSelectionOrdering selection;
    CMsvEntry* parentEntry = CMsvEntry::NewL( iSmsMtm->Session(),
    iSmsMtm->Entry().Entry().Parent(), selection );
    // Move the message
    parentEntry->MoveL( aMessageId, aFolder );
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(parentEntry); // parentEntry

    //======================================code end=============================

    When it comes to execute the following line,

    parentEntry->MoveL( aMessageId, aFolder );

    it returns immediately to void CMySMSHandler::HandleSessionEventL(TMsvSessionEvent aEvent,
    TAny* aArg1,
    TAny* aArg2,
    TAny* aArg3);
    with an error code(just some integer,I don't remember it).

    What is wrong with my code?
    Or what is wrong?

    Would any guy help?

    Thank you a lot.
    I will be back next Monday.

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    Re: How to move message of Inbox to new folder?

    This is the Java Forum. I suggest you repost this in the Symbian Messaging Forum.


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    Re: How to move message of Inbox to new folder?

    Moved to Symbian Messaging forum


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