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    Remove old cache files.

    Please, help me to decide how to implement file-caching.

    Now my application writes all data to single folder, named for example TEST1. But unfortunately, storage space is limited, and I have to clear old (may be non-frequently used) files.

    How fast sill be to enumerate through all files inside TEST1 and check total size? And then delete less frequently used file? Can I call this routine each time I am going to save file?

    Or is there any other better way to cache files? (for example to store file list in memory)


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    Re: Remove old cache files.

    It does not make much difference, though personally I would scan the list at startup, though its hard to say without an estimate of the number of files that are there. Since its a single folder, there is a single IPC call to the file server so there is little advantage in caching the filenames somewhere especially since you will probably need to revalidate the file integrity on startup anyway.

    I would scan the list at statup then keep the cache in sync with your app.
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    Re: Remove old cache files.

    Thank you. As always - the simplest solution is the better one.
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