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Thread: Noob Question.

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    Exclamation Noob Question.

    So I was feeling inspired and thought i have some interesting images that would be cool to sell as wallpapers on ovi store... now that i've registered and paid the 50e and wondered why can't i find where to publish a wallpaper...

    Am i correct in reading that you have to become some sort of premium developer to make wallpapers? how does that happen? not a lot of concise information.

    I saw something a post that implied that inorder to sell wallpapers it required liability insurance?

    did i waste 50e ... or should i learn to make something that i'm allowed to sell?

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    Re: Noob Question.

    You most probably wasted your 50EUR. You need, indeed, to be accepted as a "premium" developer to publish wallpapers on Ovi Store. (Companies like Fox Mobile, Warner, etc., have currently been accepted as "premium" developers, but not any "man-and-a-dog" -size companies).

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    Re: Noob Question.


    A publisher that is interested in uploading personalization content (video, audio, wallpapers, themes) would need to get an approval. A premium publisher does require some type of liability insurance. Please email publishtoovi.support@nokia.com for the application

    To be able to facilitate a premium publisher application, one should justify that content is either unique and/or specific to a certain country/region.

    Thank you

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