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    signal when call is ended or disconnected ?

    hi there !

    my English isn't very good.
    but i`ll try to describe my problem. maybe someone can help me.

    i am working as a bicycle courier.
    we are using a telephone-conference-service and a headset for communication.
    that works fine ... so far.

    unfortunately sometimes the connection gets disconnected without beeing noticed by the driver
    so that`s the problem.

    is there a way to make my nokia play a sound when the connection is broken or disconnected ?
    i allready found programms to alert me when the phone is losing the network-signal.
    but i didn`t find anything for my problem

    thank you for helping me out

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    Re: signal when call is ended or disconnected ?


    You might be able to use the possible states of a call as described in the documentation. My suggestion is to use the call_state(callable) function. It waits until there is a change in the phone's connection status (like when a call is disconnected) and calls the callable passed as an argument.

    Something like this:
    import appuifw, e32, telephone
    app_lock = e32.Ao_lock()
    appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = app_lock.signal
    #Define the function to be called when a disconnection occurs
    def notify(state):
        if state[0] == telephone.EStatusDisconnecting:
    #Make the function be called when a change occurs
    You might have to do some experimenting and change that example.

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