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    Is it possible to pack/unpack sis(x) on S60 devices?

    Is it possible to pack/unpack sis(x) on S60 devices?
    I want to write a program that can pack/unpack sis(x),
    what kind of technique should I use ?

    There is one such program written in Python, I want to implement it using symbian c++.


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    Re: Is it possible to pack/unpack sis(x) on S60 devices?

    .sis/x is just a file format. And it has a documentation on Symbian sites like the old http://developer.symbian.com, and the new http://developer.symbian.org (Symbian Foundation). A Google-search for sisx specification finds relevant hits already.
    You could use software development techniques, like reading the documentation and implementing the code.
    You can also check if you can get actual source codes from the Symbian Foundation site.

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