I am trying to record a video and send it to the server. I am reading the Multimedia -On-Symbian OS book and came across one API called OpenURL which can be used directly for recording a video file to a server. Now the API is

void OpenUrlL(const TDesC& aUrl, TInt aIapId, TInt aCameraHandle,
TUid aControllerUid, TUid aVideoFormat,
const TDesC8& aVideoType, TFourCC aAudioType);
Now I am confused with the last parameters what they would be. I my application I have written something like this

iRecorderUtility->OpenUrlL(Kfilehttp,KUseDefaultIap,aCameraHandle,iControllerUid,KUidVideoRecordingApp,what will be here);
In the Kfilehttp i have http:\\abc.com\\file.txt

I also want to know whether my approach is ok for uploading the recorded video to the server.What apart from this I have to do for uploading the same

I will be thankfull if someone help me

Thanks in advance