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    Math.random() issue on e71

    I'm currently writing an app for my e71 which requires the Math.random function. However, I have found that each time I start up the app on the e71 it will produce the same sequence of random numbers. I have tried seeding it with Date().getTime() and Date().getSeconds(), and although it produces a different set of numbers, the sequence of numbers is still the same on startup.

    Has anyone had this issue before, and does anyone know how to resolve it?

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    Re: Math.random() issue on e71


    Welcom to Forum Nokia dibo!

    Could you check the firmware version of the E71 (*#0000#)?

    I was able to reproduce the issue with N96 as well.
    Unfortunately the only workaround I can think of is implementing a custom pseudorandom function.

    Google returns a couple of Mersenne-Twister implementations in JS. Those could be worth of trying.

    Ilkka - FN

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    Re: Math.random() issue on e71

    Same same with n82.


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    Re: Math.random() issue on e71

    Not a solution, but a possible workaround: you could try by multiplying the random generated number for the current Date milliseconds. This way the obtained numbers should be different each time the widget is executed.


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