I'm having a real problem with my j2me app which is trying to use the camera on an n95.
In general my code works fine in most cases. The real problem comes when the user starts the app when the camera shutter is closed,
I have no idea how to detect such a scenario in code because the player has no problem getting into the right state and dispaying a plain black image on the canvas when the shutter is closed (I wish I could detect it, then I could perhaps alert the user to open the shutter) but lets leave that.
the problem starts when the user then opens the shutter, this causes the internal camera application to start putting my midlet in background. This is all nice and dandy, however, in many cases, the camera app will now display "Camera is in use by another applicaiton" and, more seriously, it seems to freeze the entire phone. sometimes it doesn't and you can click exit but in many cases I have to (still not sure about it) wait for some time out, click all the keys, until finally the camera app seems to return to life and accept the exit. Then in most cases, if I return to my midlet (bring it to foreground) then I can get the video player to show the camera view.

Obviously (and since the code runs fine on many other phones -- even s40, but mainly sony and samsung etc) but these don't have the "open shutter --> exit midlet" thing.

To be more pragmatic, I was wondering if anyone has a best practices on how to handle this issue in the best way for my users?

thanks a bunch,