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    What is the process to deploy java application to the market ?

    Hello all
    i have question ( i dont know if its the right forum)
    say i develop java application and now i like to sell it to the public
    what should i do .. just offer it on my site for sell ?
    or there is some kind of process i need to perform /pass ?

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    Re: What is the process to deploy java application to the market ?


    That depends on what your application does and how you're willing to distribute it. Most decent Java applications require signing just to be able to access certain functionality, and some distribution channels require that all applications be signed.

    If you put it up for sale on your website then there aren't really any rules. But if you want to sell the app through a popular distribution channel such as Ovi Store, you have to read their terms and act accordingly.

    There is material about going to market available here:

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